Due to my unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have written letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. 

Connie will be our First Call

Buying a home for the first time is a bit scary. The real estate language and not knowing how the process works was very discouraging. Luckily for us, we had an agent that was REAL. Connie took the time to make sure we understood exactly what we were getting into.  The weekend and evening calls were constant.  Connie took her time to make sure all our questions were answered and that we understood every part of the contract.  We never once felt any pressure to do anything we were not comfortable with.  We are now enjoying being first time homeowners.  If we ever have to go through this process again, Connie will be our first call. 

Connie, thank you for making this process easy.


Curtis & Lanita Crowe



Purchasing My First Home

Although I am an attorney, I knew very little about real estate and property law. It is with deepest sincerity that I can say I would not have considered purchasing had I not been in the hands of Connie Havens. I was well aware of her integrity and knew she would offer advice no different from that which she would give her own son. She explained my rights. She informed me of the benefits offered to first time home buyers. Most importantly, she treated me as though I was her only client. I, of course, was aware that this was not the case. The time and attention she offered would lead one to believe I was purchasing a seven-figure home when in all actuality we began our search with homes costing well within five figures.


Connie assisted me in locating a lender. She offered advice when warranted and managed to bite her tongue when I would suggest insane ideas. Her immeasurable patience was evident throughout the three endless days we spent going from home to home. With less than four days to select a home and a short time frame to close, Connie Havens stood strong and did not waiver as I frantically ran from lender to builder and back.


I am elated to say that I am settled in and brilliantly happy with my recent purchase. So much of my contentment is a direct result of the kindness, patience, and experience possessed and shared by Connie. I will purchase again. Never once will I ever consider taking my needs to anyone other than Connie Havens.


Kelly M. Heitkamp



You did a GREAT job!

You did a GREAT job as a Realtor who wasn't really "mine" by keeping me informed of every step along the way, explaining any delay caused by others and making suggestions to keep the process moving quickly and as painlessly as possible, maintained great communication and relationships between buyer, seller and all the other businesses who were involved.  Quickly and professionally responded to every inquiry by my bank and the inspectors and the title company to keep it all on schedule.  Then when the big "snafu" by my bank occurred in the middle of closing, you helped keep everyone calm and on task until it was all resolved. I would recommend you without reservation and most enthusiastically to anyone looking for a Realtor. You are the best of the 8 Realtors I've dealt with over the years.


Karen Oakerson



Connie is a master at her craft

Relocation is tough in and of itself, and looking for a new home to fit your personal preferences in an unfamiliar area adds to the stress, but Connie, with her knowledge of the area and her patience, made that task much less daunting. She was able to accommodate my home search around my work hours and willing to get out there and view any potential home I was interested in viewing. She was there every step of the way with insightful information and guidance from her first email, to my first viewing and all the way through the closing on my home.

Most of all, I appreciate the fact that Connie listened to my needs, worked to locate homes within that spectrum and allowed me to weigh the pros and cons of each home, and without any undue sales pressure, decide on the right home for me. Connie is a master at her craft, a true professional, and truly cares about her clients, realizing the importance in selecting the right home and desires only the best for each.


Working with Connie to find my home was a pleasure and I highly recommend her for your next home search.


Daniel J. Flanagan


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